Natural Foods Made by People Who Care

Nothing tastes as good as food made with love. At Apogee, we might be a large commercial manufacturing partner, but we’re also a bunch of passionate people that take crafting recipes and creating natural foods very seriously. We understand that every product we produce goes home with your customers and fuels them and the people they care about. That’s a big deal and not something we take lightly.

We’re crazy about natural ingredients and creating top-quality packaged foods that retain their maximum nutritional value and taste to become products customers love. It’s not enough to produce snacks that taste good; they should make you feel good too. And when you work with us, they do!

Apogee Foods is more than a highly-certified manufacturer and co-packing facility for natural foods. We’re also a partner and ally to wholesome, gluten-free brands; forward-thinking culinary entrepreneurs; and consultants and investors interested in private label or branded CPG companies.

The Apogee Team

The only thing we’re more proud of than our dedication to producing exceptional foods is our team. At Apogee, we always say our people come first, and we mean it. The heart and soul of our manufacturing and co-packing company is our versatile and experienced team. Our people will work alongside yours to create delicious, nutritious, plant-based products that maintain the integrity of every ingredient, every time.

We have the experience, knowledge, and resources you need to thrive in the natural foods market.

Our team started as part of the #1 natural dessert and snack brand, and continues to operate with the same dedication to producing high-quality natural foods that nourish the body and taste great. We’ve built strong relationships with national distributors that can get your products into the hands of your target customers and we’re well-versed in the process of product certification.

Our facility is strategically designed and gives us the ability to offer both large scale and small scale manufacturing so we can accommodate clients of all sizes. We assist our partners in the development, testing, and production of all kinds of natural foods including snacks, bars, extruded products, dry mixes, and baked goods.

Our Facility is 100% Gluten Free, Kosher Certified, and SQF Certified.

Learn About Our Facility

Real partnerships make for better products.

Whether you’re just getting started and need to take your brand from an idea all the way to commercialization and launch, or you need a trusted partner to assist in the manufacturing and packing of your existing recipes, we can help.

We’re committed to partnering with health-focused clients to produce the most delicious, nutrient-dense natural food products possible. Our nearly 40,000 square foot facility is 100% Gluten Free and Kosher Certified and our dedicated team is standing by, ready to bring your brand vision to life and to market.

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