Thoughtful Design Meets Cutting-Edge Equipment

This day and age you can’t compromise when it comes to choosing a manufacturer to assist you with the production of your natural food products. You need a trusted partner that has not only the knowledge and processes to bring your recipes to market quickly but also has the resources to provide consistent, repeatable results.

100% Gluten Free

The demand for gluten-free products is on the rise, yet very few manufacturers can say they’re 100% gluten free throughout – but we are.

Kosher Certified

You read that right. Our facilities are both Gluten Free and Kosher Certified. You don’t have to sacrifice one customer to serve another; we can help you do it all. We adhere to all kosher food laws including cleanliness, purity, and quality.

SQF Certified

There’s nothing more important to us than producing the highest quality natural food products in the safest, cleanest environment possible.

With nearly 40,000 square feet, we’ve got room to grow

Our facility is strategically designed and gives us the ability to offer both large scale and small scale manufacturing so we can accommodate clients of all sizes. We look forward to serving you now, and in the future, as your brand and customer demand grows.


We have the right equipment for the job (and it’s some of the best in the industry)

Our facility is equipped with everything we need to produce mouthwatering snacks, bars, extruded products, dips, dry mixes, and more.


We have insanely high sanitation standards

In addition to our certifications and compliance with industry food safety standards, we go above and beyond the status quo with our strict cleanliness practices and commitment to sanitary design.

Our Facility At a Glance

Equipment & Capabilities