Bringing Together Service, Energy, and Innovation for Incredible Results

Our leadership team provides the vision and guidance that has put us at the forefront of the manufacturing and co-packing industry while the unwavering commitment and energy from each of our team members moves us forward.

“The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.”

-Phil Jackson

Get to Know Our Leadership Team


Rick has worked in the food industry his entire career leading businesses of many product types. His most recent roles have been in the natural food channel. “Having grown up on a cattle operation in Oklahoma our family also had large gardens where we grew our own fruits and vegetables. So we raised or grew a lot of what we ate. I love the natural food channel as it takes me back to my roots and Apogee Foods is here to partner with those brands that appreciate the wholesomeness of simple and recognizable ingredients without additives that the food industry has relied on for far too long”. Rick is passionate about the Apogee Foods team and believes people come first in any business. He has assembled a team of food professionals that share the same belief about food and tirelessly work to provide high quality products and incredible service. Roberts is a life-long Oklahoma State Cowboy and he spends his time off with his family cheering on the Cowboys or in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.


Casey is a lifelong natural foodie and self-proclaimed nutritional label reader. She grew up in the Austin area and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She has 20 years of professional accounting experience primarily supporting the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in small to mid-sized businesses. Casey is an early adapter to the plant based lifestyle, embracing gluten free and Non-GMO products and has great interest in food trends; specifically the future of our food and quality sourcing. She spends her spare time with family and has a special love of the Pacific Ocean.

Director of Operations

Ferdinand was raised in Puerto Rico and graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from the Puerto Rican University. Ferdinand has over 25 years of manufacturing experience and holds multiple certifications, including Six Sigma Black Belt, Seafood HACCP, and 5 S, just to name a few. He has worked in textile plants in both the US and overseas. For the last 10 years he has worked in food manufacturing, developing and implementing new processes and programs like SQF, SAP and Lean Manufacturing techniques. Ferdinand is a sports enthusiast and in his spare time, he enjoys working out, running and embracing a healthy life style.

QA Manager and SQF Practitioner

Joanie grew up reading Betty Crocker’s cookbook and started baking and selling food when she was seven. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in food science and began working in a variety of manufacturing plants and major restaurant companies in quality assurance, food safety and development. Joanie is a Certified Food Scientist and committed to Safe Quality Food for Apogee Foods customers. She’s adopted a gluten free, Non-GMO and natural healing lifestyle that includes the love of Texas sunshine.

Managing Partner

Garrett is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He currently leads the investment group Evale Holdings and a financial and operational services company, Evale Services.

Through both of these companies Garrett is immersed in the growing natural food industry by investing in emerging brands, serving as a board member, and guiding the financial and operational consulting of Evale Services.

Prior to leading Evale Holdings, Garrett served as Board Chair and Lead Minister for three different congregations. While serving as Lead Minister, he championed multiple campaigns to increase brand awareness for the congregations and helped raised tens of millions of dollars.